What’s the Score?

I think I speak for everyone that plays pickleball that keeping track of the score in doubles is not easy. Actually keeping the score is not the tough part, but remembering what the score is the challenge. I think because we are all get so wrapped up into the match and remembering that last shot we messed up, we tend to forget. Especially after a long point and possible court coverage that took people to the other side of the court than where they started the point tend to add to the confusion. Then you add stacking and changing sides after 6 points.
I’ve asked people that are good at keeping track, what techniques they use. Most of them say they are always saying the score in their head after each point, even if they are not the server or the server’s partner. The other is always ask both sides to call out the score clearly before the start of each point. It drives people crazy when people forget to call out the score or people mumble it. Help everyone out and call it out loud and clear.