Steve Kuhn is the New Head of Players Relations

Steve Kuhn has been announced as the new Head of Professional Player Relations for the PPA Tour. This comes as a bit of a surprise, because Kuhn and Tom Dundon who were once thought to be rivals, came together to appoint Kuhn his new role. This feels like a very positive step towards the powers in the professional pickleball business coming together to make the MLP and PPA successful.
“I am extremely excited to take on my new role as Chairman of Professional Player Relations at the PPA,” said Steve Kuhn. “Enhancing player quality of life and helping make their experience more joyful are goals I am passionate about. I am thrilled to help us continue to prioritize our greatest asset: players.”
Kuhn will now focus his attention towards improving the professional player experience, on and off the court. Player advocacy and rights is so important to get right as the foundation of professional pickleball is being laid.